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In 1833, Frederic Ozanam, a wealthy young student, founded the St. Vincent de Paul Society.  The great poverty he saw in Paris deeply touched him.

With his friends, he took up the challenge to obey God's commandments to love and serve the poor.  They carried out two of the most important duties of a Christian - love of God and love of neighbor.  Following the traditions of St. Vincent de Paul, they chose him as their patron saint and named the organization in honor of him.

The first American conference was formed in ST. Louis in 1845.  Today, the society is active worldwide, with over 750,000 men and women serving the poor in 131 countries.

Based on simplicity and humility, each act of charity is handled according to its need, without prejudice, nor for personal recognition.  Our client's privacy is protected and it makes our work more effective.

In 1844 Frederic taught law at the Sorbonne in Paris.  He married and had one child.  He died at the age of 40 on September 8, 1853.

On July6, 1993, Blessed Frederic Ozanam was proclaimed "Venerable" and on August 22, 1997 was beatified by Pope John Paul II.

We pray for his canonization as a saint and that his legacy of charitable works will continue to serve the poor in today's world.